Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FOTD 12/20/11 Everyday Wintertime Rusty-Gold Look with Urban Decay's Naked Palette

This season I've really been feeling the rusty golds and bronze tones (as you can see from my NOTD too). I've been wearing a rusty gold look almost everyday and I think it's still a wintertime look, especially when you play around with different lip colors (a pale pink, berry red, fuschia colors, etc). Here's what my go-to wintertime makeup look has looked like. Today I used a pale pink lip to complete the look:
For this look, I used my Urban Decay original Naked palette. Click to see a picture of which colors I used and a step by step of how I did it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

NOTD 12/19/11 Rusty Copper

I've been feeling the goldish brown, rusty copper colors right now.. Not so much the typical festive reds or greens, but I love the browns this holiday season! I'll probably change my nails in a day or two and put on a red or make a snowflake design. Until thennnnn, this is the NOTD that I came up with:
I used Art Club - You're Golden
Essie - Mink Muffs

It's sort of a modern twist to the french tips and I think the gold glittery tips bring out the brown alot! This was my first time using the Art Club's You're Golden and I have to say I loved it. The application wasn't streaky at all and I was able to come up with a solid golden tip with one swipe! Here's another picture of my nails but with flash:
I love the color Mink Muffs, I think it's a perfect wintery color. It's not too dark and it's not too bright. It's a perfect cocoa brown!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

NEW L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Swatches and Review!

THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE NEXT TREND, I swear. I found out about these new L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows ($6-$8) yesterday and today, I ran out to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond to grab them! The word around the street is that these eyeshadows have been available to the UK and Canada but we, in the US, are the last to get them! And apparently, they're not being sold in many drugstores just yet, but they're being released little by little. I heard that Bed Bath & Beyond carried some of them so that's where I picked mine up from. Here's a picture of the packaging:
The packaging looks like the containers for cream eyeshadows, which these eyeshadows kind of are. They're a hybrid of a cream shadow and a regular powder eyeshadow. And the color payoff is amazing! The shadows are vibrant and velvety smooth. They feel like a "mousse" type shadow. Here's another picture of what it looks like uncapped:
Right when you unscrew them, there are little grey stoppers that say "DO NOT DISCARD". I'm assuming that these grey stoppers are to pack down the shadow and possibly make it less susceptible to air seeping through the lids? If it works, it'll hopefully keep these shadows from drying out quickly! It's a little bit of a hassle to take these grey stoppers in and out, but if it'll help maintain my shadows, then I guess it's a good thing. Here's a picture of the shadows without the stoppers:
From Right to Left/Top to Bottom: Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush, Perpetual Purple (looks much darker in this picture than it does in real life), Golden Sage

Click to see each shadow individually pictured and for my swatch!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NOTD 12/13/11 Color Club - Masquerading

Last night I decided to try a nail polish that I hadn't touched ever since getting it over a year ago! I think the color in the bottle kinda scared me and I felt like it wasn't really my type of polish color.. But when I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised! Here's a picture of the color I ended up painting onto my nails:
This polish is called Masquerading and is by Color Club. It's a beautiful dark blue/teal chrome color. This was just with ONE coat! It went on so opaquely and without streaks or visible thinned out spots, I was really surprised for such a cheap bottle of polish. And the color kind of reminded me of the eyeshadow Hijack from my new Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV ;)

Click to see more pictures to see the texture of the polish! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Swatches and Review!

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas for a trip with my girls to celebrate the end of finals! We had alot of fun! And of course we had to shop.. I stopped by Sephora and FINALLY bought what I've been having my eye on foreeeeeeeever. The Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV!! :) With the Nevada tax just a little cheaper than California's and with my VIB $20 gift card on a purchase of $50 or more, I convinced myself to get it.
It comes with 16 beautiful shadows (10 of which are new!) and a mini eyeshadow primer, mini mascara and mini 24/7 liquid liner in black. It also comes with a mini speaker and 2 different kinds of cords to attach your phone/computer to the mini speaker. The card on the top left contains barcodes that you can scan into your phone and a video tutorial for how to create 4 different looks will pop up. Honestly the packaging is big and bulky and hard to travel with, but so are all the other Book of Shadows, so I can't complain. I'm just glad that the butterflies aren't attached to the top lid and doesn't have to pop up every single time hahaha. But otherwise, the packaging is smooth and nice, very compact for the amount of product inside the box.

Aren't the colors just beautiful? They all have a shimmery glittery sheen to them and I really like the shades of teal/grey/blue since that's my favorite color to experiment with on my eyes (when I'm not doing a neutral eye). Since I already have so much makeup I was trying to convince myself NOT to get it, but now that I have it, I'm glad I do! Click to see CLOSER UP pictures and swatches on my skin!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOTD China Glaze's Sea Spray

Just wanted to share a quick NOTD that I did a little while ago :). I used China Glaze's Sea Spray as the base and then used Milani's Art Lacquer with Precision Brush in Black and then White to create the dandelions. I dabbled a little bit of the white polish on the index and ring finger to give an effect that the dandelion seeds are blowing away haha :) Living in LA, I'll never be able to look out my window to see snow during the Christmas Season. So who needs snow when you've got dandelions to wish on?? ;)


Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Winter Season 2011 Nail Polish Picks!

I've been really busy with finals coming up but I just wanted to do a quick post on my nail polish picks for this season :)! If you've seen my mauvey-grey nail polish post, you all know that I'm really into muted grey or pale colors for this season. So when I compiled 5 polishes together for this post, they all turned out to be very pale earthy tones. Here's a picture of my picks:

Can you tell which brand of nail polish is my favorite?? ;) Click to see swatches of the nail polish on my nails! And a mini review on each polish.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Have you guys heard?? There's a NAKED 2 Palette from Urban Decay! If you haven't heard of the craziness of the original Naked Palette, the original palette has been a bestseller by Urban Decay since Summer of 2010, when it first came out. I was lucky enough to nab one of the first palettes that came out in store and I've been enjoying it ever since. The original consists of 10 shimmery shades with a two matte shades, but the palette is perfect for a natural eye or even for a smokey eye. The new palette consists of 9 shimmery shades and 3 matte shades (one of which is a matte black)!

Click for more pictures and my thoughts!