Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Winter Season 2011 Nail Polish Picks!

I've been really busy with finals coming up but I just wanted to do a quick post on my nail polish picks for this season :)! If you've seen my mauvey-grey nail polish post, you all know that I'm really into muted grey or pale colors for this season. So when I compiled 5 polishes together for this post, they all turned out to be very pale earthy tones. Here's a picture of my picks:

Can you tell which brand of nail polish is my favorite?? ;) Click to see swatches of the nail polish on my nails! And a mini review on each polish.

Starting with Sew Psyched, I love this forest green color! In the picture it comes out a little more green than it does on my actual nail, but in person this is almost the perfect army green. It has tints of dark charcoal in it so from far away it could actually look like a dark charcoal grey. In the picture, I used 2 coats to achieve that color. Honestly I think I could've gone with only 1!
Now, Sand Tropez, is my favorite. It's a nice vanilla-y nude color that isn't too light for my skin tone. It's definitely beige and has a little bit of a yellow/vanilla tone to it as well. The application goes on a little streaky so I had to do 3 coats.
Third, Lady Like, is the perfect mauvey-grey-pink color! In the picture it kind of looks like it has a purpley tint but on my nail it definitely looks more pink. This is one color that makes you just want to stare at your nails all day. I love it!
Next is Cocktail Bling. This is another polish from Essie's Winter 2011 collection (did you see my NOTD with another Essie Winter 2011 collection with the polish Size Matters? it's on my account!). This is a pale grey color that has baby blue overtones. Sometimes the polish looks like a sky blue but then in darker lighting, it looks like a grey. It's so pretty!
Lastly is Mink Muffs. This is such a pretty cream brown. You would think that a brown wouldn't look good as a nail polish color but I really like this one! It's a soft milky chocolate color but from far away it could also look like a chocolatey charcoal grey.

Me and my greys! Hope you liked my nail polish picks of Winter 2011! What's on your nails?



  1. Beautiful choices for winter nails. :D I love all the muted soft colours.

  2. borrowing cocktail & lady like!

  3. nice picks. ;)
    i've been wearing lots of gray and purple this season. essie merino cool and revlon perplex are still my favorites.

  4. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  5. Thank you! I loveee Essie's Merino Cool! I actually talked about it in my other blog post ( haha hope you check it out! I'll look into Revlon Perplex toooo, thanks!

  6. Thanks :) I'm really loving the muted colors for winter. Except for the occasional bright red nail, I think I reach for my mauvey greys the most :)

  7. Wow thank you so much for this comment, really made my day! <3 I love your blog and I'm definitely following you too!

  8. I love the Cocktail Bling color, Esssie is my fav brand. Thanks for ur comment on my blog, I follow you back.