Monday, December 12, 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Swatches and Review!

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas for a trip with my girls to celebrate the end of finals! We had alot of fun! And of course we had to shop.. I stopped by Sephora and FINALLY bought what I've been having my eye on foreeeeeeeever. The Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV!! :) With the Nevada tax just a little cheaper than California's and with my VIB $20 gift card on a purchase of $50 or more, I convinced myself to get it.
It comes with 16 beautiful shadows (10 of which are new!) and a mini eyeshadow primer, mini mascara and mini 24/7 liquid liner in black. It also comes with a mini speaker and 2 different kinds of cords to attach your phone/computer to the mini speaker. The card on the top left contains barcodes that you can scan into your phone and a video tutorial for how to create 4 different looks will pop up. Honestly the packaging is big and bulky and hard to travel with, but so are all the other Book of Shadows, so I can't complain. I'm just glad that the butterflies aren't attached to the top lid and doesn't have to pop up every single time hahaha. But otherwise, the packaging is smooth and nice, very compact for the amount of product inside the box.

Aren't the colors just beautiful? They all have a shimmery glittery sheen to them and I really like the shades of teal/grey/blue since that's my favorite color to experiment with on my eyes (when I'm not doing a neutral eye). Since I already have so much makeup I was trying to convince myself NOT to get it, but now that I have it, I'm glad I do! Click to see CLOSER UP pictures and swatches on my skin!

This is the top half of the palette. Out of the top half of the palette, I was really impressed with the finish on Blue Bus and Lost. They're velvety soft and super pigmented when I dipped my finger in them both! Not to say that the rest aren't velvety smooth, but those two particularly caught my attention! Out of these colors, I'm most excited to create looks with Lost & Cobra (such a soft brown smokey combination), and Hijack for a going out teal look. I'll come up with looks soon and post them up! ;)

Blue Bus is a soft true blue that is the least shimmery shadow in this palette. It's more of a velvet satin finish.
Gunmetal is a beautiful dark and cool-toned shimmery silver that can also look like a VERY dark teal in the light (you can see the teal tones in the first picture). In other lights it could look like a charcoal grey. This color is very versatile!
Cobra is a deep cool-toned ash brown. Super pigmented, it's the darkest color in the whole palette.
Baked is a true warm gold color. It looks like the color of a brick of gold! Similar to MAC's Woodwinked but much more warmer and more orange.
Bender is a pretty forest green that isn't as "army-green" as it looks like in the palette, but is more of a cool green (you can see in the swatch below!)
Gravity is the only purple in this palette, it's a pretty blue toned silvery purple
Lost is so beautiful!!!! It's a coppery, dirty penny color. Such a deep brown, I love it!!
Hijack is a beauuuutiful seafoam teal green/blue color. Perfect aqua-y color for a smokey going out look.

Can you tell by the swatches that Lost and Baked are super velvety smooth? The swatch for Blue Bus wouldn't come out as pigmented on my hand than it did on my finger, but trust me when I say that it's like a deeper periwinkle blue!

I think that the bottom half of the palette is more of a neutral, natural color combination. It contains the highlighters and the lighter colors to dab into the inner corner of the eyes. All of these are silky smooth too and the glitter that comes out isn't too overbearing, which I always love about Urban Decay.
This is the bottom half of the palette. I think the colors that I'm most excited to use are Midnight Cowgirl (kind of reminds me of my MAC limited edition shadow in Dreammaker), which is an everyday wash of color that brightens your eye to make you look more awake. I also like the velvety smooth color Bust. I'm not really into highlight colors or very light colors so I think the top half of the palette definitely wins over my attention!

Midnight Cowgirl is a beautiful vanilla-y shimmer color. 
Sin is also in the original Naked palette but is a pretty champagne color. 
Midnight Rodeo has the biggest chunks of glitter in this whole palette but it's not too big that makes it difficult to work with. It's a glitter taupe that could also look like a warm bronzey in the light. 
Crystal is a light lighter sky blue, lighter and more shimmery than Blue Bus. 
Bust is also a taupey color but is a cooler tone and has less of a sheen than Midnight Rodeo.
Skimp is a peachy highlight color
Zephyr is a frosty soft white highlight color

Overall I'm pretty happy with the entire palette. It's versatile and it contains very pretty browns and blues, which are my favorite colors to work with on my skin tone and on my eyes. Also, the purple, Gravity, looks like it'd be beautiful against brown eyes! Can't wait until I experiment with the palette on my eyes!

Here's one last swatch of all of the colors on my hand, it's a far away view so you can see how they all compare to each other:
What do you think of this palette? Does it catch your attention too??


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