Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NOTD 12/13/11 Color Club - Masquerading

Last night I decided to try a nail polish that I hadn't touched ever since getting it over a year ago! I think the color in the bottle kinda scared me and I felt like it wasn't really my type of polish color.. But when I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised! Here's a picture of the color I ended up painting onto my nails:
This polish is called Masquerading and is by Color Club. It's a beautiful dark blue/teal chrome color. This was just with ONE coat! It went on so opaquely and without streaks or visible thinned out spots, I was really surprised for such a cheap bottle of polish. And the color kind of reminded me of the eyeshadow Hijack from my new Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV ;)

Click to see more pictures to see the texture of the polish! :)

This is a picture of the polish with flash on. Can you see how the color looks like a blackened teal? The light or sun brings out the blue tint alot, while in darkened areas, the polish looks like a darkened teal gunmetal color. Alot of people actually say that this is a dupe for the famous Chanel polish Black Pearl. I think that's why I initially bought the polish in the first place! But in comparison to the $25 that the Chanel polish is, I definitely think Color Club's $3-4 is a better buy!

This is a picture with the light shining directly onto my nails. Can you see the texture of the polish and see how it looks almost matte? It's kind of like a chrome! Isn't it super smooth? I still can't believe that this polish didn't streak or create thinned out spots. So surprising! :) Normally, I use Seche Base, then put 1 or 2 coats of polish and top it off with Seche Vite Top Coat. But after putting on one coat of this, I didn't even want to put on a top coat! I love the texture of this polish and the finish it gives to my nails. It's not completely matte but it's not a normal shiny, glassy, reflective finish.. It's so pretty!!