Thursday, December 15, 2011

NEW L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Swatches and Review!

THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE NEXT TREND, I swear. I found out about these new L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows ($6-$8) yesterday and today, I ran out to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond to grab them! The word around the street is that these eyeshadows have been available to the UK and Canada but we, in the US, are the last to get them! And apparently, they're not being sold in many drugstores just yet, but they're being released little by little. I heard that Bed Bath & Beyond carried some of them so that's where I picked mine up from. Here's a picture of the packaging:
The packaging looks like the containers for cream eyeshadows, which these eyeshadows kind of are. They're a hybrid of a cream shadow and a regular powder eyeshadow. And the color payoff is amazing! The shadows are vibrant and velvety smooth. They feel like a "mousse" type shadow. Here's another picture of what it looks like uncapped:
Right when you unscrew them, there are little grey stoppers that say "DO NOT DISCARD". I'm assuming that these grey stoppers are to pack down the shadow and possibly make it less susceptible to air seeping through the lids? If it works, it'll hopefully keep these shadows from drying out quickly! It's a little bit of a hassle to take these grey stoppers in and out, but if it'll help maintain my shadows, then I guess it's a good thing. Here's a picture of the shadows without the stoppers:
From Right to Left/Top to Bottom: Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush, Perpetual Purple (looks much darker in this picture than it does in real life), Golden Sage

Click to see each shadow individually pictured and for my swatch!

This is Eternal Sunshine, a pure golden color. It's a more of a true canary yellow gold, than of a rusty type of gold. In other lights, this could also look like a champagne color. Great for inner corner and all over the lid!

This is Amber Rush, I'd say my favorite of the bunch that I got! It's a pretty pinky mauve color and is definitely just like its name: an amber color. A burnt pink, if that makes sense? It's a pink with a bit of gold because of the gold specks. Beautifullllll.

This is Perpetual Purple! A beautiful true purple with silvery/purpley glitters to make the shadow really shine. Great for brown eyes. I love purple shadows with brown eyes!

This is Golden Sage. I wonder why it's called "golden" when it's a green, but either way, this is a beautiful foresty green. It definitely has a cool tone to it.

Look at how pigmented those swatches are! I only swiped my finger on the shadow and swiped it onto my skin once! Do you see the sheen on them too? Even when I tried taking off the swatches with my tissue, the colors left a little residue, which says alot about their staying power. I'm excited to actually try these shadows on my eyes and see how well they are with blending and with combining with regular eyeshadows.

Hope these pictures helped! :)


  1. Cute colors. I love L'oreal.

    Thanks for stopping by The Girlie Blog and dropping me a line. I am following your blog now. It's nice, so keep up the good work!

  2. Love the colors! I love every color to eyeshadows! And you can't have to many ! Nice blog btw.


  3. Cream shadow is awesome, I love it! This stuff looks great, I might give it a go :)
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  4. ooh love perpetual purple. such a gorgeous colour!

  5. I think the amber one is gorgeous!!

  6. Those look really pretty :D
    Loving Golden Sage the most.
    Thanks for the swatch <3